Our staff is currently is currently preparing our rules which will be posted here once completed. Some general rules which are unlikely to change are as follows.

SETTING - Our adventures take place in the late 2260's. If you aren't comfortable with that, you shouldn't apply here.

FEATURED CHARACTERS - Our ship is the USS Vesuvius. Until that changes there is no need to apply for major characters from other Star Trek series. Even if we expand outwards, we will likely not be accepting any Jim Kirks.

COMMAND STRUCTURE - If we don't know anything about you, we're not going to make you a Captain or a Commander. Earn our trust and you'll be promoted appropriately.

CANNON - While our setting strives to be very cannon, we are willing to bend in certain places depending on the circumstances. For the most part we will stay close to cannon, however. Don't go trying to be a Time Lord or anything ridiculous like that.

APPROPRIATE CONTENT - It doesn't matter how much in character it is for your sexy nurse to sleep with the handsome ensign. Fade to black before you do the deed. Let's keep smut to a minimum. Profanity and violence is allowed, but only if it is appropriate for the scene. Someone going off like a drunken sailor on the bridge is going to spend the night in the brig.

EDITING A GROUP POST - If you are in a scene with someone and have editing writes, you can only edit your posts. Don't go dramatically changing a log because you don't like something someone else did. Likewise don't go heavily editing something you wrote several posts back. That's not fair to the people in the scene unless they know about it before hand.