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Ensign Alcide Rennan

Name Alcide Aramin Rennan

Position Chief Communications Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 21

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 145
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Alcide is an unimposing being. Rather lithe with a lean economy. Like all of his species the most disturbing feature is the lack of eye color, his irises are completely black. He dresses in the standard Starfleet uniform, however, any casual observer can tell it is not really suited to him. He wears his hair cut regulation short, except for a slightly curly mass on the top. He is a young man.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Aramin Wylan Rennan
Mother Latanya Eve Rennan
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) Marzia, Madge, Emilie, Ahryna, Meredith, Lasonya, Emberly, Racine
Other Family He has several cousins from both sides of the family. Alcide even has a cousin that looks eerily like him. He is of course, on his mother's side.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alcide is a natural flirt, but he's very respectful none-the-less. He is the only son of his family and with the harem of sisters he has, he has learned proper respect for any woman. Beyond that, like all Betazoids, the concept of lying or deception is unfavorable to him, to the point of brutal honesty. As his mother's family has a long lineage of naturally strong telepaths, Alcide was one of the unfortunate ones born fully active. He's been training all his life to shield out the thoughts and emotions of others, and unlike most Betazoids, he has a hard time doing that, that causes him to avoid large crowds.
Strengths & Weaknesses Languages. Alcide has a natural talent for picking up languages rather quickly. Currently fluent in over nine languages, he has opted to work with Starfleet to try and learn more. This ability is augmented by his natural telepathic abilities. He has two major flaws, weaknesses, the first of which ties to his culture. Alcide has no concept of true deception, he's a TERRIBLE liar. To the point it rides on him horribly. He can go into panic attacks at the thought of deception on a personal level. This doesn't mean that he can't lie, or won't. Just that he doesn't care for it, especially if he can sense the effect it has on a person.

His second weakness is his telepathic abilities. Like most born Telepaths, Alcide has a hard time filtering out the thoughts of others. To this extent he is constantly forced to focus on his task at hand, to the point of potentially tuning out the world around him. He has a few pills that he can take to temporarily lower his telepathic receptiveness, but they make him feel uneasy. There are no real secrets around him, much to his dismay. As such he's learned to keep his mouth shut about stuff.

Another less than savory personality flaw he has is... he's a flirt. Being bisexual means that Alcide will hit on anyone that he generally finds attractive, whether mentally, physically, or even emotionally. Starfleet is familiar with hyper sexual beings and has given him strict directives about acceptable behavior, but his captain and first officer have been briefed fully on his 'habit'.

Alcide is a born telepath. He is has very strong Telepathic, Empathic, and Extra sensory prowess. He has the capabilities of what would be considered standard for all Betazoids, as well as the ability to push his will into the minds of others, ie control, as well as manipulate them. While not fully trained, in a pinch, he can take control of a person against their will. Starfleet isn't exactly aware of this as the Betazoid government has made it very clear to Alcide this isn't something that they should witness, due to the implications that Starfleet might make of it. This of course, makes Alcide... "jumpy" about things.
Ambitions Alcide wants to learn every language possible. He enjoys the art of communication, but for the logical and practical senses. He doesn't spin a phrase or try to use it for manipulation, unless he's flirting, rather he is trying to just know that which is around him.
Hobbies & Interests Alcide is interested in lingusitics to the point of a passion. He is currently writing a book comparing the origins of all languages trying to find the 'root' language, or the Rosetta Stone of all language. Outside of that, he has an interest in painting, math, computer programming, and even horticulture. Ever sense he found out about Bonzai trees of Earth, he has taken a passion for it. He states they calm his mind and body at the same time, like a meditation.

Personal History Alcide was born with his talents active, he is the fifth child in his family and the only son. He was born in December 25th, 2245, he was a rough child birth. His mother ended up in the care of doctors for three months after his arrival. His mother has told him that the entire city heard his birth cry, both mentally and emotionally. He was exceptionally strong with his abilities, even at birth. This had caused him to be brought into training from an early age. His sisters and mother were his primary caregivers as his father was taken with diplomatic duties with various other racial governments. In fact, truth be told, it was Aramin who suggested that Alcide join the current ship's crew, to try and win over membership into Starfleet, by proving a Betazoid could be a valuable asset to the crew.

By the time Alcide was 10 he had already mastered three languages, including English, and was well on his way. By the time he was 13 one of his paintings had been featured in an art show on Betazoid that toured the planet. He called it the Lingusitic Sunset. The painting consisted of words in a pattern of a sunset. It was touted revolutionary.

As he aged, his linguistic prowess seemed to grow and grow. By the time he was 19 he and his father had him go to Starfleet academy on provisional terms to learn the regulations of Starfleet and how to conduct himself on a ship. At 21, at his father's behest he joined Vesuvius crew. By that time Starfleet had given him the rank of Ensign and made him a Mission Linguistics Specialist. His father was very proud of his son, and to Alcide that was more important than being away from home.
Service Record 2264 - Provisionally accepted into Starfleet academy under the auspice to learn the day to day ships functions and duties of a Starfleet officer.

2264 - Starfleet noted exceptional telepathic prowess and skill with linguistics. Transferred Cadet Rennan to the communications training course.

2265 - Graduated most of the basic communications courses and Starfleet transferred him to communication operations courses.

2266 - Graduated Starfleet academy early, though not given an official Starfleet rank, he was only provisional.

2266 - Assigned to Starfleet Command, lingustics division, assisting with the development of the Universal translation systems.

2267 - Transferred to Vesuvius at the behest of both Betazoid Government and Starfleet command. His linguistics Prowess was seen as a possible boost.