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Lieutenant Commander Renna Blackford

Name Renna Blackford

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Renna wavers somewhere between being plain and pretty. Her hair is a light red and can't always decide if it wants to stay up or down, often giving her a slightly disheveled look. Her eyes are nothing special, a plain brown, but they are the most expressive part of her face in spite of their dull hue.


Father [Deceased]
Mother [Deceased]
Brother(s) [Presumed dead, MIA]

Personality & Traits

General Overview Renna is a kind, intelligent woman who is passionate about her work. When she's in uniform and working, she's sharp, quick-thinking, and straightforward. She takes her work seriously but with a hint of playfulness. When she's off-duty, she can often appear like an entirely different person: distracted or unable to understand situations, though a lot of that is just a surface level. She's very perceptive and takes note of personal interactions and would rather watch people interact than do it herself, which often makes her appear shy despite her ability to talk and carry on conversations for hours without stop.

Beyond all of the surface things, Renna is genuinely intelligent but incredibly unsure of herself in all non-science matters. She considers herself highly skilled in her field and often uses it as a distraction or an excuse to avoid doing things she's unsure of knowing how to do. While she'll often try new things, it's all done in the privacy of her quarters where no one can see her make a fool of herself.
Strengths & Weaknesses Child "Prodigy" - Renna discovered science at an early age. For a while her family thought she was some kind of prodigy due to her aptitude, but it really turned out that she was just really passionate about learning and caught on pretty quickly. Sometimes people still refer to her as having been a "prodigy" and it embarasses her greatly and makes her feel pretty awkward.

Years of Scientific Study - As soon as Renna could get into an academic environment she made certain to find ways to study science on a broad level. Since it was her passion as well as her career choice, she's spent the majority of her life learning about the topic. She's still open to new ideas, given that science is always full of discoveries.

Extreme Concentration (or Extreme Distraction) - Renna can focus on her task at hand to an abnormal degree. Even if there's a lot going on around her, she can continue her task without faltering. However, this can also be a negative thing because she gets caught up in her work and sometimes ends up oblivious to something going on.

Mild Social Awkwardness - Though bright and friendly as well as working well with others, Renna's completely blind to the fact that not everyone is as interested in science and learning as she is. So tends to carry on about topics unless someone manages to steer it away delicately or she's told to shut up. It's better to just change the topic, though, because she takes being told to shut up very personally.

Passion for Science - Renna's always found that figuring out how things worked was one of the most exciting things in the universe. She's almost obsessively passionate about it, though it grew from a passion to more of an obsession as somewhat of a distraction for her from having to live life and deal with people on more of a personal level.
Ambitions SCIENCE!

She likes breakthroughs and being able to show off new discoveries to the scientific community. She's hoping during her travels to come across something big so her name is remembered.
Hobbies & Interests Renna goes through as many books as she possibly can in a short span of time. She takes her reading very seriously and often has a complete analysis of them in her head. Sometimes she even writes them down... for fun. She enjoys reading every genre and treats most books as both an enjoyable read as well as an educational one. She also sings opera in the shower and nowhere else. Ever. She'd be too mortified.