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Lieutenant Bashar al-Nasr

Name Bashar Fondil al-Nasr

Position Chief Navigator

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 190 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Standing at an average height with Mediterranean features, Bashar stands muscular and is clean shaven with neatly trimmed black hair.


Spouse Ensign Chloe al-Nasr (née Russo) [Deceased]
Father Fondil al-Nasr
Mother Hind al-Nasr (née Suwaiyda)
Brother(s) Saber al-Nasr
Sister(s) Noora Wakim (née al-Nasr)
Other Family Dr. George Wakim, M.D. (brother-in-law)
Marie Wakim (niece)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Quiet and reserved, Bashar has grown even more quiet with the recent death of his newly wed wife. Dutiful to a fault, he takes his position as a Starfleet officer seriously - and in past circumstances, some would say a little too seriously. Some have found him dolorous recently, especially with recent events, but crisis and duty have forged Lieutenant al-Nasr into the man and officer he is today.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Dutiful, professional, selfless, highly skilled.

Weaknesses: Dolorous, reserved, ambitious, often criticized for placing commission above personal relationships.
Ambitions Although he does not see himself as commanding officer material, Bashar can see himself as being a C.O.'s right hand as an executive officer, preferably on longterm explorative assignments.
Hobbies & Interests A voracious reader, Bashar enjoys books of all kinds - from novels to history. He is also an amateur astronomer, and when planetside he prefers to use a small Newtonian telescope crafted by his late wife. He also has some musical talent having played the oud (Arab guitar) since the age of eight, though he prefers playing the 20th century electric guitar, owning an antique Les Paul Gibson inherited from his grandfather.

Personal History Bashar al-Nasr was born to Hind and Fondil al-Nasr in Marrakech, Morocco on Earth. He is the first of his family to ever serve in Starfleet, his father owning a barber shop in the old city and his mother a school teacher. Although he was the eldest son, his younger brother ended up inheriting the family business, and his father supporting his son's interest in space and exploration.

Bashar gained an interest in astronomy at the age of nine after a field trip to an observatory in the Sahara operated by Starfleet. Although he became fascinated by the equipment and the telescopes used by the astronomers to coordinate data from existing star charts, he believed that the real work was done by the guys "up there" - the men and women serving on starships. From that day on his studies were dedicated to receiving a commission from Starfleet.

At eighteen he entered Starfleet Academy, double majoring in history and astronomy. Although not the top in his field, Bashar was noted for being one of the most eager, thorough, and diligent cadets by many of his professors, earning him the Commandant's Award for his first year in Starfleet Academy. In his junior year he published a paper on ancient Vulcan refracting telescopes and their influence on ancient Vulcan religion, which received minor accolades from the Vulcan Science Academy, who invited him to present his paper to their committee on the Vulcan homeworld.

Upon graduating Starfleet Academy, he was assigned as a navigator aboard a Hermes-class vessel, the Socrates. It was on this vessel that he would end up meeting his future wife, Ensign Chloe Russo, a recent arrival from a previous assignment at Utopia Planetia. The two shared an interest in astronomy and after months of courting, were hastily married by the ship's captain.

But his marriage and his assignment on the Socrates would meet its end in 2266, when during a retrieval mission, the Socrates was ambushed by Nausicaan pirates. The battle lasted for hours and the crew of the Socrates fought bravely, but being a day away from the nearest Federation ship and only barely armed, the survey ship was no match. With lifts damaged, Bashar and several handfuls of crewmates climbed, clawed, and crawled through Jeffries tubes to reach escape pods. Although Bashar was able to save all of those under his command, he was unable to save his wife, who five months pregnant with their child, was trapped under rubble in a crawlspace. Seconds before that deck decompressed and breached, Bashar sealed the hatch, secured his crew's pod, and was jettisoned into space before the Socrates went down.

Bashar was promoted and lauded for his heroism, showered with praise and was even given a medal. But this couldn't sweeten the bitterness or fill the hole that he was left with. And after a month of bereavement leave on Earth, he almost considered resigning his commission. But after having a shave and a talk with his father in his shop, he knew that he had to go back. As his father told him to lose his commission would be like cutting a limb from his body, and he had already lost too much already.
Service Record 2258 - Accepted into Starfleet Academy

2262 - Graduates Starfleet Academy with degrees in History and Astronomy. Assigned as a navigator to the USS Socrates, NCC-1101, Hermes-class.

2263 - Marries science officer Ensign Chloe Russo.

2264 - Promoted to Lieutenant (JG). Given position as Chief Navigator on board the Socrates.

2266 - While retrieving a probe during a survey mission, the USS Socrates is attacked by Nausicaan pirates on the Federation-Tholian border. Although the battle lasts for two hours and the Socrates offers a gallant resistance, the Hermes-class is no match for the Nausicaan raider. Lieutenant al-Nasr is able to assist in the evacuation of over fifteen crew members, but he is unable to save his pregnant wife who goes down with the vessel. He is awarded the Star Cross and a promotion to Lieutenant. After a month of leave for mourning, he requests reassignment.

2267 - Lieutenant al-Nasr is assigned to USS Vesuvius as Chief Navigator.