General Items
Data Slate   A portable device used for displaying important pieces of information.
Food Synthesizer   A device for delivering requested food items.

USS Vesuvius    [ View Specifications » ]
Bridge   The nerve center of a starship. The seat of command. From here all areas of the ship are tied in and monitored.
Conference Room   Private areas for the crew to meet delegates or plan crucial mission-related information.
Transporter Room   The room for teleporting things to and from the ship.
Crew Mess   One of a small number of lounges about Deck 6 where crewmembers can relax and access the food synthesizers in a community setting.
Sickbay   The first location visited by anyone feeling under the weather. It also features the CMO's office.
Medical/Science Labs   Laboratories for science and medical teams.
Main Engineering   The central location of the ship's machine rooms and impulse engines.
Warp Engineering   The experimental central core of the ship's warp system.
Docking bay   Shuttlecraft docking bay located in rear of ship.