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Chief Engineer's Log - Stardate 5048.54

Posted on Thu Aug 1st, 2013 @ 9:08am by Commander Yoiko Hax

Despite lowering the radiation output to the Warp Engines by 80%, we still can't seem to optimise the maximum output by a substantial amount. Currently the new warp design is only marginally better in our simulations as compared to the standard build. Somehow in taking the engines from the planning stages and actually implementing them on board the ship we've somehow throttled our propulsion system. It could possibly be the warp nacelles. The Shuvinaaljis FW-1 seems to be preventing us from pushing the energy output to what we should be showing. I need to test this further...

Aside from this setback, everything seems to be proceeding smoothly. We're more than ready for our next big stress test. The crew is filling out nicely. Everyone seems ready to get started. There are a few... minor issues. Maybe Captain Munster and myself have been a little too lax on command structure. Earlier today I had an ensign openly mock me at a required instructional assembly. We need to reign this under control before we set out. It was in good humor, but it also gives the wrong impression to the junior staff. The Captain believes it's the crew's way of testing their limits. I spoke with Ensign Rikki about it later after his shift and he assures me this won't happen again. He's a good kid, I think he has a long career ahead of him.

General ship status - aside from the fabrication system having issues nailing the right shade of red for uniforms, everything seems to be 'green' across the board. There are some minor fluctuations with the power grid on deck 22 which may be related. I have a team assigned to it now and the issue should be corrected no later than tomorrow afternoon, well before our stress test I would like to point out.

I have dinner with the Captain and Chief Medical Officer planned within the hour. I hope to discuss these matters with them then.

>>>END LOG<<<


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