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Captain's Log: 5047.97

Posted on Wed Jul 31st, 2013 @ 12:25pm by Captain Jonathon Munster

Captain's Log, Stardate five zero four seven point nine seven.

I finished speaking with Ensign Alcide Rennan earlier this afternoon. I fear I might have seemed almost confrontational with him about his abilities, but I wanted to drive home the point about not intentionally seeking through people's minds. I understand he has little control about surface thoughts but I hope he has better control than to dive directly into other's minds, especially those privy to classified information. Command wanted me to make that a point as well.

There are opportunities on this crew for him to maybe learn ways to gain greater control of his telepathic nature. I understand Betazoids don't like deception, but sometimes there are things that shouldn't be generally known in an organization like Starfleet, and that level openness is foreign to most of this crew. I find myself sort of liking his frank comments, but more traditional officers among the crew will not like his disregard of rank when speaking to a superior.

I hope he doesn't have too hard a time adjusting. He'll probably have several crew members who will be openly antagonistic towards him while everyone adjusts to having a telepath on board. I've instructed the senior staff to keep an eye out for harmful behavior, but he'll need to learn to handle himself as well. At least if he wishes to continue to work with cultures different than his own.

We also began to train the crew today on some of the unique features of the Vesuvius. She's one of the newest ships of the Constitution line, and has a lot of experimental technology in her. I briefly stepped into Engineering to watch Commander Hax train a batch of the recently arrived how to access and utilize the newly upgraded Library Computer. I need to speak to her again about her tendency to go into too much detail about the engineering and science behind whatever she's teaching about. She's getting to be a better teacher, but she still has a bit to go.

The crew is still in a bit of disarray, they are coming in larger batches now and everyone is learning each other and the ship. I've been utilizing more traditional techniques from Command School to make sure order is maintained. Once we're past this shakedown and the common problems of a fresh launch are out of the way I can relax a bit and start my nightly dinners with members of the crew. It lets them get to know me and more importantly for me to learn about them. I want the crew to grow under my command, not just languish in a job. We are all in this together, a tight knit group saves lives and performs better.

I've requested that our new Chief of Medicine join Yoiko and I for supper. I suspect he won't make it. He seems to like sick bay laid out a certain way, and he appears to like to do a lot of it himself. I'm appreciative that he's letting the engineers perform the final major maintenance checks on the ship, but I'll be keeping an eye on him to make sure he doesn't work himself too hard. His file reports he is dedicated to his work, focused, and tends to be less openly involved with the crew beyond a medical level. He struck me as all of the above in our brief meeting. He's got big shoes to fill, but I intend to try to draw him out of his shell a bit. That might be tough, since he spent some time living on Vulcan. His file mentions he actually lived like they do, following their customs and learning their more esoteric practices. He's earned my respect for that, a logical mind is one thing, but what I've read and the Vulcans I've interacted with...Well, he's more dedicated than I would have been. I'm sure the wisdom and insight he learned on Vulcan will be a boon to the ship, and I know everyone on the crew will be up to date on shots if nothing else.

I also wonder if he wouldn't be able to share some of the information he learned on Vulcan with Ensign Rennan. The young man may trust Doctor Rebane more than one of the Vulcans aboard the ship. If his file is any indication he'll reach out to the Ensign on his own, which I like. It's a sign of a good medical professional that they spend the time to find issues like this out on their own. Mister Rennan should like his bedside manner as well.


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