Back in command

Posted on Wed Jul 24th, 2013 @ 10:38pm by Captain Jonathon Munster
Edited on on Tue Jul 30th, 2013 @ 10:00am

Mission: Shakedown Cruise
Location: Captain's quarters
Timeline: March 24th, 2267; Morning
Tags: shakedown, captain's quarters

Jonathon leaned back in his desk chair, his gaze taking in the information scrolling across his personal terminal screen. His face was set with a look of concentration. His hand reached up to absently scratch at the newly 'completed' beard he had grown over the intervening months it took to get the Vesuvius back up and running.

It had been a long, hard few months for him. The Vesuvius was his home, his baby. The warp core that he could feel humming through the deck plates at his feet he had helped to design. Not many captains could claim as close of a relationship to their ship as he and his first officer. Commander Yoiko Hax doubled as Chief Engineer, and spent more time in Main Engineering than on the bridge, which was fine by Jon. Yoiko had a head for command, but she lived and breathed those engines. She was the only person on board with more knowledge of that ship than himself.

The dark haired captain refocused his attention on the screen in front of him. It was filled with the crew roster, a full compliment even. The Vesuvius was a test bed for the next generation of ships Starfleet was designing, and Jon wasn't sure it was a smart move to put her on full duty, but with the Klingons getting more aggressive and the Romulans showing themselves once more he could hardly argue that the fleet needed ships. The current core was much more stable than the last one as well, needed much less maintenance to keep it from getting explosive. Most of the crew was new to the ship, including his command crew.

Jonathon preferred a more laid back approach to command, but with a crew this size trying to adjust to a new post and a new commanding officer he couldn't afford that. Lax discipline could be beneficial when the discipline would get in the way of running a ship, but the Vesuvius was just too large. Too many peoples, too many ideas and customs to relax here. He just hoped Yoiko wouldn't harp on him too much about it.

He reached out and grabbed a mug that was close at hand, emblazoned with the Starfleet Academy logo, class of 2246. He took a sip of the rapidly cooling coffee and sighed. He couldn't tell what the next 5 years would entail, but he knew his first orders were simple. In the next week the Vesuvius would leave the refitting yards of Outpost 17, and begin a shakedown cruise. It'd be a rough cruise, he was under orders to stress the Starship as much as possible and send the data back to the techs at the outpost. The Saladin-class USS Pompeii would be near by to assist if anything went wrong. Until the launch date he planned to be in Engineering with his first officer, making sure a repeat of the incident in 2266 wouldn't occur.