The System is Down

Posted on Wed Aug 21st, 2013 @ 2:10pm by Commander Yoiko Hax & Lieutenant Commander Alexander Rebane & Lieutenant Commander Renna Blackford
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Mission: Shakedown Cruise
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: March 27th, 2267; Afternoon
Tags: Sickbay, Bugs, Deck 7 Blackout,

The good doctor of the USS Vesuvius has taken great care to get Sickbay to his standards without the assistance of the Engineering crew. Alexander Rebane stands in the darkness of what was once a fully functional Sickbay upon a Constitution Class Starship. Now? It's a dark room that is totally silent. None of the systems are responding, and he barely got the doors open in time to prevent the oxygen levels from depleting any.

Alexander sighs as he moves out of the darkened room, making his way up the hallway to a functional Comm unit. He presses the button. "Commander Hax, please report to Sickbay. There seems to be a couple of issues I could use your assistance with."

After several minutes the Commander finally makes an appearance coming down the hallway towards Mr Rebane with a data slate in her hands, looking over schematics as she finally arrives outside of Sickbay. Looking up from the slate she eyes the Doctor standing in the corridor with a raised eyebrow before it occurs to her to look at the opened door across from him and the darkness inside.


Stepping into the opened door, Yoiko pulls a flashlight off her belt and flashes it around the room. The idea that something has gone normally wrong doesn't even occur to her as she asks accusingly, "What did you do?!"

"In all honesty, quite a bit. However /this/ specific issue happened after I adjusted the biofunction monitors to include Ensign Rennan's biological data. I noticed they weren't equipped to handle monitoring him properly." The Doctor doesn't seem like he's going to quite apologize about it, not yet at least. "I had to upload the data I was given by Starfleet, as well as the data I was receiving from Betazed to the ship's computer, and that was when I noticed that the biofunction monitors weren't setup properly."

A tentative voice calls out from the doorway as Renna Blackford peeks her head into the sickbay. "Uh, um, nothing's powered in the science labs. I was working and all of a sudden everything went down. Everything's okay, right? The systems will be back online soon? I'm not sure what's going on and I hadn't scheduled myself a break until later so I wasn't expecting my work to be so disrupted..."

She trails off, realizing she was babbling a bit.

Having turned to face Alexander with the flashlight in her hand, Yoiko inadvertently shines the light into his face as he explains himself. Just as Renna enters the room she opens her mouth to speak, leaving it open only a moment before hearing the rest of the story and promptly hitting herself in the forehead with the flashlight deliberately. With a groan she rubs the spot as her mind processes the overload of information she's just received.

Briefly holding up a hand towards the Science Officer to ask her to hold on, she turns to the Doctor. "Alright, alright. First problem first, so starting at the beginning... the monitors weren't setup properly?" The woman crosses her arms as she idly fidgets with the flashlight. "They were working just fine not three? Four days ago? When I first brought you in here. Show me which one you were working on and tell me exactly what you did when you decided it wasn't set up 'properly."

"Monitors One, Two, and Three took the adjustments just fine. It's number four that failed." Alexander moves into the Sickbay, and returns a moment later with a data slate. He moves to hand the slate to Yoiko, only to glance over at Renna. "I apologize for the inconvience Miss Blackford." He then glances at Yoiko, sighing softly to himself. "My apologies to you as well Commander Hax. As you can see from my data slate, there is a good reason for my adjustments."

Without being able to work, Renna's in an odd void of uncertainty. Should she go back to sitting in the dark lab next door, or wait uncomfortably in the sickbay while being entirely unsure how to help. She decides on the latter of the two, folding her hands in front of her as she assumes a position where she's present but hopefully out of the way. "No apologies necessary, you were only doing your job and were unaware of what it would do. I'm sure this won't take long to get back up and running."

Giving the slate the briefest of glances Yoiko abruptly searches around to spot the glow of the one she brought with her, sitting on the mat of the exercise equipment just inside the door and lets out a brief sigh of relief. That out of the way, the Engineer gives the slate in her hand another glance before handing it back to Rebane. "You still haven't told me what you did once you discovered four wasn't working properly." She makes her way to the biofunction monitor in question as she speaks, sniffing the air as the faintest hint of smoke hangs around it.

"Please tell me you didn't try to... I don't know... unplug it, rewire it, or otherwise modify it in any way?" Already she has her flashlight and a multi-spanner of some sort out and she's prying the side panel off to look inside the second she starts to hold the light in her teeth. As soon as she has it opened up and the beam of the light begins to show everyone the smoke rising up from the terminal she removes the flashlight from her mouth and asks, "All right... Lieutenant Commander? What sort of equipment where you using in your lab when it all went down?"

Renna leans against the wall, peering around at the semi-darkness lit only with Yoiko's flashlight. "Nothing other than the essentials. I haven't even tried anything that would be a major power drain, I prefer to gather all of my details and materials before running any tests. I don't think my power usage could have contributed unless there was some much more serious problem in the computer systems."

"I only adjusted the sensors. Which involved having to increase the sensitivity to them and bypass the tertiary power couplings due to the increased power load needed for it." The doctor strokes his chin slightly. "Then again, when I had asked Lieutenant TenNapel to assist me, he claimed that he had to get back to engineering immediately."

Yoiko nods her head as Renna explains her actions, it's about the reaction she expected after all. It's Alexander she's worried about, Sickbay was the first placed affected and the smoking 'gun' she's working only adds to her assumptions. With this in mind it's rather unsurprising that she only pauses in her examination when he starts to speak, and as he does a look of horror starts to creep across her face.

" bypassed the power couplings for a SCANNER?" She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. "Let me start again." Deep breath. "You plugged a piece of equipment that should only require minimal power consumption directly into the ship's main power supply for the deck ON YOUR OWN!? You could have blown out most of the deck and probably cooked yourself in the process!! Why did you think this was a good idea?!"

After rubbing her eyes a moment she traces the main power cable with the tip of her finger back into the wall, feels something that doesn't belong and with the wire cutters she withdraws from her belt cuts the cable off completely. o(Well... that'll fix that.) For a brief moment she's grateful for the darkness.

"Being cooked alive wouldn't be so pleasant. And no one would be qualified to take care of you, especially if the sickbay's equipment was still down," Renna points out from her post across the room. "So I suppose you're very lucky, then?"

"Which is why I had asked Lieutenant TenNapel to take care of it for me. It was a needed alteration because now the biofunction monitors /needed/ the additional power due to the increased workloads needed. There is an unknown amount of species that we've yet to run across, and if they need medical assistance, we need to be prepared in all cases. It's better to be prepared then caught unaware." Alexander stares at the Chief Engineer for a few moments, then glances at the Chief Science Officer. "As I said, I apologize for the inconvience, and I did attempt to secure proper assistance."

Sighing again, Yoiko drops the outer case of the monitor back onto the frame and bolts it back into place. "Well Doug and I will have a chat about that in Engineering later. For now this one is going to have to go down to a machine shop for repairs." Pushing herself back onto her feet proper, she makes her way through the darkened room back into the hallway and clicks on the intercom. "Hax to Engineering. Someone has noticed the blackout on deck 7, yes?"

A random voice responds back seconds later, "Um... yes! We have a team of people heading that way now."

The Commander rolls her eyes, taking her hand from the control panel long enough to mutter, "...they never even noticed? Seriously?" She sighs once more before pressing the intercom button again. "Cancel that. I'm already here. I've already found the problem. Have someone cancel the automatic safety and restore power to the labs, please? Our Doctor can't operate in the dark."

"Yes sir! Engineering out!" is the reply before Yoiko walks back into Sickbay counting down in her head from ten. As she reaches one the lights come on and the room returns to life. With a proud smile she goes to claim the monitor with an extra instruction for the Doctor, "Next time you need something done, why don't you contact me directly and I'll make sure it gets taken care of."

Renna seems pleased when the lights turn on, glancing around the sickbay before pushing off the wall and straightening up. "See, it's not a problem. I hope the rest of your crew are more prompt in the case of a real emergency, though, Commander Hax. Some of the crew in general are taking things a little less seriously since we haven't launched. I think we should be glad there aren't more problems."

Yoiko scowls at Renna's criticism. In her mind she angrily yells at what she feels is an attack on her engineering crews, but aloud she says nothing for the moment. Without giving either of the two a chance to say anything further she marches out of Sickbay with the broken monitor in her arms and off to engineering.