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Do a Barrel Roll!

Posted on Fri Aug 16th, 2013 @ 11:45am by Lieutenant Mark Galpin & Captain Jonathon Munster

Mission: Shakedown Cruise
Location: Deck 2, Captain's Office
Timeline: March 26th, midday

The coffee on Jonathon's desk steamed lightly as the man reviewed the file on the latest officer to arrive on board. It was certainly an interesting file. Lieutenant Mark Galpin had a checkered past of success and major fumbles. Described by his last commander as a genius pilot but an unmitigated disaster it was easy for Jon to be a little concerned about offering the Chief Helm position to the young man. What persuaded him was the fact that his significant clumsiness didn't effect his work, at least not if his work involved piloting anything at all. He broke several records at the academy in a spectacular run in one of the trainer shuttles, and just about face planted when he was walking down the platform.

"Well, if nothing else he'll keep the Doctor busy..." He leans back with his cup now in hand and sips at the dark liquid while he waits for his appointment to arrive.

The captain's musings are about to be briefly interrupted. There's a loud thud from outside. This is, strangely enough, followed by a loud obscenity that sounds like it would be in Gaelic, if the captain can identify said language with any accuracy. After just a moment, the comm comes alive with a slightly Scottishly tinged voice. "Lt. Galpin reporting in, sir. Request permission to enter?" It SOUNDS a bit nasally. Like someone holding their nose, perhaps.

Jon's eyebrow raises as he stands from his desk, "Enter." He smiles at the lieutenant as the door slides open and winces slightly, "Do we need to summon a nurse?"

Mark salutes with the hand NOT holding his nose. He lowers his hand shortly afterwards and grins just a bit. "Not unless she be a stacked lass, sir. I think I'll make it, though." He steps forward just a bit, slightly less formally for just a moment and extends his hand. "Mark Galpin, at your service sir. Thank you for inviting me aboard."

Jon chuckles as he shakes the man's hand, "Well, welcome aboard, Mr. Galpin." He motions for the lieutenant to take a seat before finding his own, "I hope the flight out to this part of space was quiet. You never know what you'll find out this way."

Mark moves himself over to the proffered seat and attempts to sit. I say attempts only due to a slight snafu(That rhymed). He manages to 'lose his footing' ever so slightly and flop back into the seat instead of sitting properly. His elbow careens off the arm rest with a small 'crunch'. His eyes widen and he doesn't say anything for JUST a moment...before smiling EVER so slowly. "F...forgive any damage I may have caused ye chair, captain. A...aye, was a quiet trip. Space is lovely this time of year."

" sure you don't need to see someone?" Jon had never seen someone hurt themselves so many times in such a short span, "This meeting is just a formality. We can put it off till some other time if necessary." He moved his coffee mug over to a point farther away from the young lieutenant...just in case, "I just like to greet my senior staff face to face."

Mark laughs it off, waving a hand in front of his face just a bit. "I'm just fine, thank ye for the concern captain. I've always been just a WEE bit accident prone...but I'm used to it. S'why I enjoyed flying so very much, ye see...never clumsy behind the controls. Always felt the most in control of myself when I was sailing through the sky, or the stars... Ye know?"

"I can see the appeal yes," Jon smirks wryly, "I don't suppose you've ever tried any programs to help with your clumsiness? Any Vulcan techniques or anything? Martial Arts help raise awareness, both of your surroundings and yourself."

Mark rubs the back of his head. "Aye. Well, ye see...I've been grappling and kick boxing for quite some time now. I feel like I'm fairly good, all things considered...but for some reason, it hasn't quite fixed my tendency to...erm...interrupt the space time fields of innocent nearby objects, if ye will?" There ya go. Starfleet humor.

Jonathon shakes his head in mild awe, "Well, as long as you don't have issues while handling weapons I think we'll be fine. Tell me, Lieutenant, have you ever flown a large ship like this outside the simulator?"

Mark shakes his head. "No sir. I'm sorry to say I haven't. I hope that won't shake your confidence in me?" He grins a bit, patting the chair. "She's a beauty. I promise to give her the love n' care she deserves."

"I'll be honest, I offered you the position over some more experience candidates due to the skill in which you displayed in the simulators and the live ships you've flown. Keep in mind however that skill alone isn't enough to excel as a senior bridge officer. You need to be able to improve the skills of those under you as well. Can you handle that?" The captain leans back in his chair to study Mark's reaction.

Mark raises his fist and merely grins a bit more widely. "Aye captain. Ye can be sure that I'll try to inspire my subordinates as best I can. My parents never let me settle for anything less then my all and I wouldn't expect anything less from anyone I was commanding."

Jon holds up a finger to forestall the young man's enthusiasm, "There's more to it than that.You'll have to be able to pass your skills, as much as one can, on to your subordinates. Teach them. The more senior officers are available to help you with this, but it'll ultimately be your responsibility." The captain smiles as he grabs his coffee mug, "I have faith that you can do it though, or I'd not have offered you the position. I also have faith that you can learn to avoid injuring yourself. Or at least if you ever want to go with us on an away mission."

Mark flushes a rather deep red and lowers his fist. Sheepishly, he smooths out his uniform just a moment. "Aye captain. My apologies. I'll work on my hand-eye coordination. Tis' a family trait, ye see..."

"Don't worry about it, Mr. Galpin. Or at least don't stress about it," Jon takes a sip from his mug before replacing it on the otherside of his monitor from Mark, "Stressing will just make it worse. I'd like for you to run a few simulator courses for this class of ship. Commander Hax can get you specs on anything unique to the Vesuvius. We'll be launching in about ten days and I want you to be comfortable at the controls. Feel free to get spend some time on the bridge as well, and to get to know any of your subordinates as they come on board."

Mark nods. "Aye Captain, as ye wish. I'd be more than happy too.
As for the socializin', that would be much appreciated. I always love to learn who and what I'll be working with as soon as possible." The grin returns at this point, his embarrassment settling. Luckily the Captain isn't doing the whole 'intimidate your crew' thing.

"If you'd like there's a yeoman stationed outside that can show you around the ship. Otherwise, feel free to wander, you'll receive orders if something comes up." Jonathon stands up, obviously closing the meeting, and offers his hand for a shake, "And once again, welcome aboard, Mr. Galpin."

Mark stands, taking the hand and giving it a hearty shake. "Thank ye so very much for this opportunity, captain. I'll make sure ye don't regret it." He offers a salute, just out of tradition mind you...and turns to go. This is followed by him literally FLYING over the chair he was just sitting on. A shoulder roll later and he ends up on his feet, looking a little surprised/embarrassed. After standing there JUST a moment, he turns and offers another salute, looking quite serious. "Sir." Attempting to save face at this point, he exits, muttering something in Gaelic and looking quite unhappy with himself. Some first impression HE'S making.


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