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One posting down, too many to go

Posted on Mon Jul 29th, 2013 @ 8:15pm by Captain Jonathon Munster & Commander Yoiko Hax & Lieutenant Commander Alexander Rebane
Edited on on Tue Jul 30th, 2013 @ 4:33pm

Mission: Shakedown Cruise
Location: Captain's Quarters, Sick Bay
Timeline: March 25th, 2267; Morning
Tags: shakedown, 5045

"I believe Starfleet Command shares my concern," Jonathon finishes his morning log, pressing in the large white button next to the dull grey monitor he was speaking at with a satisfying click. The Captain then scoops up his coffee mug, taking a sip as he rises. His thoughts were heavy with the unfilled senior positions, though they were much heavier with thoughts of a replacement for his close friend Caliga Saunders.

He walks swiftly towards the corridor, the red door of his quarters opening with a quick whoosh.

Standing just outside the doorway as it whooshes open is a slightly confused First Officer, her arm outstretched, her finger just inches away from the door chime button. Yoiko's mouth goes to form words but nothing comes but broken syllables. "...uh... um..."

Thinking quickly she pushes the button anyways, filling the air with the soft buzz of the door bell. The woman smiles wide as her mind finds it's way back on track. "Good morning, Jon!" In her hands is one of the large data slates, it's screen filled with information. "I've got those specifics on the equipment tests you requested. Can't see why you didn't just trust my word on it." She fakes a scowl. "I don't have a photographic memory but it's close enough."

Offering him the slate she shakes her head as if washing away any obligation to the device. "Stupid, outdated, piece of junk. I hate filling those out. I'm telling you the thinner versions where superior. Sure they had to be recharged every few hours but at least they were lighter on your wrist."

Jon offers a smile as he accepts the slate in his left hand. He eyeballs the info on it as he takes another sip of coffee. "Of course I trust you, Yoiko. I just like to have it written down so I can double check my own figures." He begins to walk towards the turbolift, taking the long way around so he can check the activity of the rapidly expanding crew. "Were you informed about our new doctor? I hear he is a little particular about how sickbay is laid out, but I've never met the man." Another sip of coffee, as he looks back at his First Officer. He was always pleased that she chose to wear the pants version of the duty uniform, showed she had character and made it apparent that she was there to do her job, not to find a mate or distract others. He had to admit that she would probably wear the skirt well, but he had no idea how that particular uniform had made it through the design board. It seemed totally useless on board a working ship.

Rubbing her wrist as if she'd wounded it, Yoiko shrugs at Jon as he mentions the new doctor. "I... may have... spoken to him." She dashes slightly to keep up with him as he walks off making sure to keep up with his pace, falling in line beside him. "He /might/ have tried to scan me without warning and /may/ have discovered that his hand scanner was suddenly not acting properly." Yoiko pauses with a wicked grin before adding, "...don't worry, everything worked when I left Sickbay. I repaired it and a few other things that weren't working properly." Her smile fades. "He's gonna be a pain in my ass, I can see it now." The woman's eyes glance around at the other crewmen walking down the corridor briefly, not wanting to look back at her Captain with the slight twang of guilt she's now ignoring. "He seems like a nice guy otherwise."

Jonathon glances over at Yoiko before slowing his walk and nodding towards a near by alcove. As they duck in to the alcove he lowers his voice, "We can't keep him in the dark forever. We have some of the most advanced equipment in Starfleet. He'll figure it out. He has Command's backing, which is why he is here at all." He studies her face for a moment trying to get a read, "It is ultimately up to you if you tell him or not. I haven't decided about whether he should be in the know about the incident, so I can't blame you if you don't want to say anything, but know that I can't cover for you forever. He's the one who ultimately will have to alter those files. You could get injured..." He pauses, "It's up to you."

Leaning against the nearby bulkhead as Jonathon pulls them into the alcove, Yoiko nods her head as she takes in the Captain's words. Her face remains blank and emotionless. She knows what he says is true, she just doesn't like to admit to it. After a moment she responds, her voice a hushed whisper, "...we'll see."

Like it or not the only thing for them to do is wait and see. Alexander Rebane hasn't been on the ship long enough for anyone to really make an opinion of him. An unspoken agreement on the subject passes between the two before Yoiko again breaks the silence. "So Captain, where exactly are we going again?" She glances around the corridor and laughs, "If we stay here much longer someone's going to start questioning things."

Jon smirks at Yoiko's statement and then turns to mount the ladder behind them, "Sickbay, now that I know the good Doctor has arrived." He slides to the deck below with a practiced ease and turns the corner to enter sickbay.

Rolling her eyes, the First Officer reluctantly follows behind her Captain as he vanishes down the ladder. At least she has no problems crawling around the ship; the ladder is far more comfortable than the inside of an engineering console after all. Once Jonathon darts into Sickbay she follows inside before the door has time to close and promptly leans against the wall just inside the doorway.

The familiar sounds of Sickbay emanate softly from the new equipment, however there are still many things turned off and covered, as if they were intended to never be used again. Crates of new supplies rest upon each one of the beds, some opened while others remain neatly sealed until the time comes that the contents can find their proper place and home. Unfortunately, the duty of ensuring that every bit of that work is done rests solely upon the Chief Medical Officer's shoulders.

Alexander Rebane grumbles slightly as he hears the doors open. "I'm not ready for patients yet. All of these supplies /just/ arrived and everyone's off prepping the other areas of the ship. So unless you have something broken, or are bleeding, I'm going to have to ask that you wait for it to be a proper medical emergency." The new doctor turns the corner carrying a large crate in his hands, barely able to see over the top. "No one had the decency to say they cleared out the personal effects of Commander Saunders either.."

The young woman smirks as the Doctor comes into view barely able to see. "Well you invited me last time, so I thought I'd drop back in. Maybe bring the Captain with me so you don't get any funny ideas." While she might have made it sound like she was implied he'd hit on her, Yoiko is actually making reference to the scanning she almost received previously. A fact she tries to broadcast to Jonathon with another wide grin.

Jonathon's dark eyebrows raise a bit at the doctor's manner, a slow smirk spreading across his face as Yoiko takes a small verbal jab. He sets down the cup and data slate and quickly eases some of the weight of crate in Alexander's hands. "Pleasure to meet you doctor, but where are we taking this thing?" He looks around to see if there is a table near by, "I didn't realize you had already boarded the ship our I would have been here sooner."

"We're sending these things over to the Pompei. They're heading back to Starfleet Medical to be stored until they can pour through the research in depth. Of course, as Captain of the ship you can choose to keep it here in storage.." Alexander maneuvers the crate towards a clear spot on one of the medical beds to set it down. "It's a pleasure to meet you Captain Munster." He moves back towards the boxes, quickly popping open another crate to start investigating its contents.

"I've been reading over the medical notes for every member of the crew, and apprised Starfleet of some of the things we'll need and won't need. I do hope that as your new Chief Medical Officer, you'll trust me when it comes to the health and well being of the crew of this vessel. I don't want to step on toes, but there are numerous captains who will easily disregard their CMO's suggestions, and put the crew into needlessly dire peril." The doctor stops tearing through the crate to stop and stare at the two 'visitors' to his domain. "Now, if you're here to just give pleasantries, and introduce yourself Captain, I'll have to politely decline until a later time as I do have a fair amount of work to finish."

Commander Hax raises an eyebrow as she watches the two of them shift the crate towards it's temporary home. Sure, she could offer to help herself but why should she? They seem to be handling it quite well on their own. As the conversation shifts she simply rolls her eyes at the mention of reading medical logs. Briefly she gets lost in her own internal monologue, chastising herself for not expecting that. Wondering how long it'll be before someone questions that 'Hax' addendum to her last name. Before she can be too lost in her thoughts she's snapped out of it at the last second as the good Doctor curtly dismisses Jonathon. All the woman can do is bite her lip to keep from grinning again.

Jon takes a half-second to take the doctor in before he offers a smile at the doctor, "Well, Doctor, I'm sure you have your work cut out for you. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the ship once you get settled in." He looks at the crate they just set on the bed and back to Alexander as he dusts his hands, "As far as the research information, I'll leave that up to you. If you'd like to keep it here and look over the information be my guest. The Vesuvius has more room to keep this sort of thing than the Pompeii, and last I heard the Pompeii was going to be shadowing us for the next week or so."

He takes another look around sick bay, it's the first time he's been in the room since the incident last year. "I'm sure there'll be things you'll like to discuss at some point. I don't suppose you could pull yourself away from all this for dinner with the senior officers this evening?" He looks over at Yoiko, half smirking at the fact that the senior officers on board the ship are currently all standing in the same room.

"I will do my best to try. Perhaps I'll be a bit more social then. Also, I do have one more thing. Commander Hax, while this may seem to be an invasive question, it is one I need to ask. When was the last time you saw your spouse? There could be concerns about the Second in Command, and Chief Engineer having to take personal leave early into the ship's mission." Alexander doesn't seem to be looking at the two, but it's pretty obvious that he's expecting some form of reply.

The Commander becomes the proverbial deer in the headlights. Her mouth opens to speak and fails miserably for the second time today. She barely manages a "...spouse?" before crumbling and wobbling away from the wall. Her mind races in heightened panic, getting the feeling this is relating to her earlier fear of her name addendum. Her mind and personality briefly take a backseat as her body language changes as well as her general attitude.

Her mind having shut down momentarily, another one takes the helm out of pure desperation. The girl suddenly stands a little taller, her face more serious and gruff. Her voice takes on a slight drawl and she responds, "No. Won't be trouble at all. My job is this ship, and nothing is more important to me." She blinks slightly, "No *one."

Yoiko's mind chooses that moment to reassert itself and along with it she loosens up and resumes staring at Jonathon with wide, panicked eyes. It doesn't take a telepath to see that she's silently begging for them to leave at this point.

The Captain nods without missing a beat, though he casts a worried look at Yoiko as he says, "Her husband is on the other side of the galaxy. It's a Trill custom to have a long distance wedding for political gain. Or...something like that. Now, I believe the Commander and I will get out of your way." He holds his arm out motioning for Yoiko to precede him from the room as he collects his things, "Let me know about that dinner, Doctor." The pair exit, paying no heed to whether Alexander was going to say anything at all in return.


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