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New Technologies

Posted on Tue Jul 30th, 2013 @ 2:22pm by Commander Yoiko Hax & Captain Jonathon Munster

Mission: Shakedown Cruise
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: March 25th, 2267; Midday
Tags: library computer, monitor, instructions, ensign rikki, data tapes, data disks, engineering

Stepping through the doorway to see so many people standing around, waiting for her, only serves to make her more nervous. Commander Yoiko Hax sighs heavily before making her way to the front of the crowd while doing her best not to make eye contact with anyone. As always when forced to instruct people, she swallows a chunk of pride before she begins to speak.

"Okay, sorry to drag you all away from your duties but I want to go over this once so we don't have to bring it up again." She stands with her back to the ladder leading to the second floor walkway of Impulse Engineering, between the two large consoles that adorn that wall. Between her and the large dilithium chamber in the floor is a large table, upon which pieces of computer technology are on display.

The Commander places a hand on the clunky, blue-paneled, library computer terminal (which itself resembles something out of Frankenstein's lab). "This is a standard Library Computer terminal. It responds in voice once you input the information you are requesting into the keypad." She flips a few switches on it and the device begins to click and flash to life. "The Constitution Class line also has a unique feature with these. Input your command code and press the acknowledge button and they will begin listening for any spoken verbal commands."

She lets the heavy machine noise fill the room a moment before addressing the terminal. "Computer. What is the designation of this vessel?" Immediately an artificial feminine voice speaks from the terminal. "You are onboard the Constitution Class Heavy Cruiser, flagship of the Hideki Sector Fleet, NCC-1172, U.S.S. Vesuvius." As the crowd murmurs softly, Yoiko switches off the terminal and moves onto the next piece of equipment.

"Now... this may look like a standard monitor, and it is." She reaches over and picks up a small yellow square of plastic. "It reads data tapes, or disks if you prefer the older description, and these tapes are universal in almost every piece of equipment on board this ship." Yoiko smirks briefly before adding, "However, we're testing out a new method of communication between the monitors and the shipboard library computers. As you may know we've had a lot of problems with interference between devices since the warp 9 engines were first introduced, but we're seeing an almost 80% reduction in background radiation with the new model warp engines we're testing." The woman inserts the disk into the front of the monitor and presses the activation switch. "Once you've logged into a monitor you can access the library computer via touch screen."

Ejecting the yellow disk, she holds it up for everyone to see. "Keep in mind, every time you access the computers you will be logged. You must input your security code, and if you are trying to access anything more than basic information you will not be able to do so via the touch screen monitors. You'll have to download your information from a library computer terminal and transfer it via data tapes like we've all reluctantly been forced to do up until now."

The woman pauses, glancing around the room briefly as she regathers her thoughts. "Are there any questions so far?"

A security officer raises his hand and waits for her to acknowledge him before asking, "Yeah... is there any reason we had to be pulled away from our shifts to hear you ramble on about basic equipment?" A few chuckles circulate around the crowd.

Yoiko crosses her arms and scowls, "What is your name, Ensign?"

"Rikki, ma'am."

The Commander shakes her head, "If you get pulled onto an away mission and don't know the specifics about your basic equipment, you're probably not going to make it back to the ship." With a grin she adds, "...and since you know everything, how about you take over for me and we'll see how much you know..."

Jonathon Munster had slipped in quietly just before Ensign Rikki's statement and was leaning against the wall. He chose this point to speak, "The Vesuvius doesn't utilize the Library Computer system in the same way as you may have utilized in your past assignments. It features a two-stage log in process. The easier access to information means that there's increased security at the end point." He stops in his walk across the room to give the Ensign a look, "That'd be the place that you log in, Ensign." He pauses momentarily at the chuckles before sweeping around the display table and resting his hands on the surface, "Each person on board this ship has a data tape, as far as the computer is concerned that tape is you. To actually use a system you have to insert the tape and then supply your personal security code. Failure to do so will make a big red light go off on the bridge and in the security office, and tell everyone in command your name." The captain smirks, "And I don't think that's what you want to be remembered for, Ensign, is it? The guy who forgot how to log in?"

The rest of the group chuckles at Rikki again, who now looks a bit embarrassed. Jon continues, "Commander Hax and I went through a lot of trouble to get the crew of this ship easy access to information. It makes it easier for each of you to do your job, and to provide you with training outside of how to point a phaser at someone." His face is set like a father imparting information to a child who doesn't want to really co-operate as he speaks directly to Ensign Rikki, "And I hope I'll see you, and everyone else involved with some of the projects on board this ship, and not just standing outside the door way looking tough. We have room to cross-train here, and you never know, having access to logs of past missions and the logs of other crews may save your life on some unknown planet a hundred light years from home."

He stands up straight and smiles at the group, a slight crooked grin as he rounds the table to lean on the table on the opposite side from Yoiko, "Feel free to continue, Commander."

Standing with her arms still crossed and a grin still on her face, she nods at Jonathon as he turns the meeting back over to her. "With that, I think it about wraps things up. Any further information will be relayed by your team leads, so please direct any other questions to them." Promptly disassembling the display she'd set up she adds only a moment later, "Now unless you work here, get the hell outta my Engineering Department! We have work to do, people!"


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