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Medical Maladies

Posted on Tue Jul 30th, 2013 @ 10:14pm by Lieutenant Commander Alexander Rebane & Ensign Alcide Rennan

Mission: Shakedown Cruise
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: March 26th, 2267; Evening
Tags: Sickbay, Introductions

The headaches aren't going away, and rather than keep running the risk of running out of the pills, Al decides that he is going to strike ahead of time. With much trepidation he steps through the doorway into sickbay and he takes a deep breath. "Hello, Doctor?" He says with an apprehensive tone to his voice...

"Over here." The voice of the doctor comes from the otherside of a machine that looks like an oversized scanner. "Give me just a moment to finish setting this up." A soft grunt comes from the man as he finishes connect the wires, causing the contraption to spring to life with soft whirs and hums. Alexander rises to his feet and moves into view, staring at the newest visitor to his domain. He walks over to his desk, and sets down a small tool. "You must be Ensign Rennan, the Chief Communications Officer." He's already memorized nearly every aspect of the crew roster's medical history, but there are a few new additions he's not entirely prepared for. "Betazoid if I remember correctly?"

A look of surprise filters across his face, he didn't know where the doctor was in the room. ~A quiet mind... A dangerous man.~ "That would be correct." Al nods to reaffirm his voice. "I've come to seek some assistance from you. If you have the time. I know that Starfleet medicine is ill equipped to assist me like they do back at home, but you seem to have some tricks to help." He offers a smile, while carefully trying to glean the doctor's attitude.

"Yes, I see that Starfleet had prescribed you an extremely low dosage of Somnabutril to help with your headaches." Already the doctor is at his computer, pulling up the records and glancing over them. "Personally, I disagree entirely with that diagnosis, however that's what you'd expect from a group of people just trying to do stress testing, and then shunt you off to your next mission." He strokes his chin slightly as he continues reading over the medical logs that he's received. "Your race is supposed to be telepathic, correct?"

"Supposed to be?" Al looks a might offended at the statement. "I was born with my abilities fully active. Granted that's a rarity, even among my people, but there is no mythical statement of ability. I am a full fledged telepath." He walks over to the desk, "Yes they gave me these. On my homeworld we have an herbal remedy that relieves the stress on the telepathic centers from the constant barrage of background noise that unshielded minds throw out." ~To quick. Need to slow him down a bit. To much he could accidentally find out...~ "Humans really do not know what they broadcast in their day to day thoughts... It's enough to drive a man insane..."

"I'd assume so. You are correct about Starfleet being ill equipped to treating your current problems." The doctor stands up from his desk and walks over to a small cabinet. "That doesn't mean I am unable to treat you." He opens the cabinet and pulls out a small jar with Vulcan symbols on it. "Your race from what I've read is powerful with their Telepathic and Empathic capabilities. I'm not so egotistical to presume that I know everything, or will know everything in regards to your species." He sets the jar down on his desk and moves to sit down, motioning for Al to do so as well. "You are an oddity within Starfleet for sure." He opens the jar, which starts to release a heavy scent into the air. "This stuff sure smells, doesn't it?"

A slight grimace comes from his face and he nods. "I appreciate the candor, Doctor. It is refreshing from your species." Al takes a moment to glance over the symbols, his mind already trying to work through the language to translate it. "Vulcan. I hear they have some telepathic abilities..." He pauses to reflect on the most recently gleaned information. "Are there other options you can provide? I haven't had a chance to read anything about their remedies for Telepathic maladies."

"They are, and its just as fascinating as yours. Humans, by our own nature, are too curious for our own good. As a species, we have a horrible habit of sticking our noses where they don't belong. It's even worse for those like me who have chosen medicine as our field of study and expertise. However, it's my job to do so." The scent starts to fill the air more, which starts to produce an almost relaxing effect. "The Vulcans have honed their abilities to the point where they can control when and where they use it. However, its because of their nature it works for them. It's not a gift, but a tool. Meditation and logic play major roles in controlling their telepathic abilities. However, it does take years of training to do so. I spent two years on Vulcan at the Science Academy, and as a human, it was one of the most difficult things I've had to do. I had to live as a Vulcan, and behave as one as well. So I still practice the meditation and try to keep my emotions in check."

"I can see that. You have a quiet mind." Al states. "I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing. It is certainly unnerving. The Vulcans I encountered at the Starfleet Academy were perplexing, but I didn't associate with them much as many were Science or Medical. And I'm linguistics." He offers, "So I take you speak Vulcan then?" The man moves a bit closer to the desk, starting to let the man inside his bubble.

"I speak Vulcan, and some basic Andorian." The doctor leans back in his chair some, eyes now narrowing some as he starts to watch the Betazoid a bit more closely. "Since you're not quite sure what to make of me, then I'll tell you upfront about myself. Above all else, whether you like me or not, I will perform my duties to the best of my abilities. My duties are my primary focus at all times, even if I am off duty. I'm a doctor, and every member of this crew are my patients." His face relaxes some as he rises to retrieve a tricorder. He pulls off the sensor and moves to scan the area in the rear of Al's head. "Breathe deeply and try to relax, and tell me what you're currently feeling. Both mental and physical."

"Annoyance." Is what Al says slightly tersely as he takes a deep breath. "Though I imagine you want more generalized." He shrugs, "I feel the soft pressure of all the people on the ship, as well as the background utterings of their mind. Just barely out of focus, but annoying. I have a severe headache and there is this... buzzing." He says motioning right in the center of his head. "It started a couple of days ago. Just non-stop buzzing. Like.. I don't know how to describe it. Like a signal that isn't quite clear..."

"Since your arrival to the ship? Have you ever been on a Starship for an extended period of time?" The Doctor continues to scan the Betazoid, making mental notations on his own findings. He lets this continue for a few moments, not even bothering to say a word or let the poor patient know. Eventually he finishes, and moves to sit back down at his desk. "I do have a few recommendations for you. Now, once again this is my own ignorance about your species and their own ways, however for the time being I'll have to ask that you abide by what I ask, and try things with an open mind." The doctor closes the lid on the jar, and slides it forward. "My first suggestion is that you stop taking the medication that Starfleet gave you before you arrived. What you were given is something that we use as a sleep aid, and it can cause a physical dependency. I don't want to have you addicted to something that I won't have a constant supply of. Not to mention I believe your body will build up a tolerance, so you'll have to increase the dosage over time. My second suggestion is I want you to read up on Vulcan meditation techniques. I don't know the particulars of how your abilities work, and unless you choose to divulge them to me, it'll take a lot of work for me to be able to make a proper analysis of your future conditions. If you wish, I can teach you what I know until I am able to find a suitable and willing teacher to give you proper guidance."

The doctor stands up once more, and retrieves another bottle from the open cabinet, and sets it down. "I've taken the liberty and had this synthesized. You mentioned an herbal remedy from your home world. I had already contacted their government and explained my concerns, especially with a medication that I'm not quite sure your race even uses or may have adverse reactions to in the long term. It won't be as good as the real thing, however it is a start until I can find a way to grow the plants needed here on the ship. I only ask that you try to trust me until we can get this matter under control."

"Trust is earned, good doctor. Even for a telepath." Al says as he looks over at the herb. "I am impressed you took the initiative to think about me and my needs. It is a sign of a good soul and a kind person. Regardless of your emotional state, or lack there of, it is still very intriguing." The betazoid pauses a few moments. "Well I came to Earth aboard a Betazoid ship, but that probably wouldn't count. This is the first time I've been on a Federation ship for an extended period of time, yes." He closes his eyes and brings his mind into focus. "As for the details of how my abilities function...." He pauses, "Within reason, I can contact my father and have a for your eyes only packet drawn up. We are still very protective over some of our information. I know that Starfleet did extensive testing and wanted to push into areas that I have been forbidden to tread. So you should have some access to that information, but I can definitely arrange a healer to be on call when you need advice, I believe." ~A human who cares... That's an attractive quality.~

"As for the Vulcan stuff. I will look at it. I do not know how well it will work, from what I've learned they are disassocative with their abilities, which is counter productive to a Betazoid who is open and active with their abilities. We do not suppress a natural talent, ever." He pauses, "Well almost ever."

"The more I can know, the more I can do for you in specific. If you are able to get me any information that the Federation doesn't already have, then I would put it to great use in your further medical treatments." Alexander moves to pull something up on his computer, and then nods to himself. "While the Vulcans are a disassocative race, my primary concern is your well being. I'll speak to Commander Hax about additional shielding on the warp core, but there will still be a slight hum that you'll eventually grow accustomed to. That is something that will unfortunately take time, and there really is little I can do for it. Most humans complain about the noise when they have their first tour on a starship. I'm going out on a limb here and would assume the same could be said for you."

"Take the other jar as well. I really would like for you to attempt meditating, and would like to see you back here in the morning before you start your rotation. If we can get you relaxed and possibly rein in your natural talents for your species' ability, then there may be a way to find a comfortable neutral ground that wouldn't hamper your races desire to embrace the telepathy instead of having an off and on switch. It'd be like turning the volume down to a comfortable level until you choose to raise it."

"Understandable Doctor." He offers a nod. "I will send a message to my mother and see what can be arranged. I fear reigning in my natural talents is not going to be as easy as you might think. There are two types of Betazoid. Those who are born and those who grow into. I am the former. I was born telepathic. We tend to be stronger and more prone to issues..." He trails off at that one. "So I've been training since a young age to reign them in. I am actually quite skilled to function around non-Betazoids." He has a bit of pride in his voice, "But I will look into those things, you are only interested in my well being, that much is obvious. So whatever advice you give, I will pursue in earnest." He smiles. "As for knowing about my talents, somethings you are not allowed to know. We have our own secrets you see, but not from each other. If I come to trust you, then we will talk again."

He offers a nod as he reaches down and takes the jar, replacing it with the bottle he brought with him. "The last thing I want to do, is become dependent on a drug. I need my full mental facilities, telepathic and not, to perform my duties to the best of my ability." Glancing over the jar he mutters, "Any ideas on where a good starting place is for these meditation techniques you spoke of?"

"Be at my quarters at Oh Five Hundred. I'll give you a basic rundown of some Terran meditation techniques, as well as a couple of Vulcan techniques. Then we'll use them, and monitor you throughout the day afterwards to see how that goes. Then you can research them on your own, or I can find you a proper teacher." Alexander makes a few notations on the screen in front of him, and then inserts a small blue tape. A few moments pass and then he removes the tape and sets it on the desk. "I want you to listen to this when you get back to your quarters. It's a recording that is designed to try and dampen the hum of the engines to a level you may not notice. You'll need a good nights rest before we start trying methods that won't require medication. Now, is there anything else I might be able to help you with?"

He takes the offered blue tape. "No, that is it." He offers a nod of thanks. "I need to get back to some work. Thank you for your time." With that Al heads toward the door and pauses just a moment before stepping through.


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