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Technical Difficulties

Posted on Thu Aug 1st, 2013 @ 9:18pm by Lieutenant Commander Alexander Rebane & Lieutenant Commander Renna Blackford

Mission: Shakedown Cruise
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: March 27th, 2267; Early Morning
Tags: introductions, Vesuvius

While the crew of the USS Vesuvius is still in the process of transferring over, the Mess Hall has remained fairly active. Of course, as it is Oh Four Hundred in the morning, there is a distinct lack of people there at this point. It'll still be another three hours before the day shift comes on, and starts their routine, yet, that doesn't mean there aren't people who adhere to a strict shift rotation.

Doctor Alexander Rebane stretches slightly as he makes his way into the quiet area. A large data slate rests in his hands as he moves towards the food dispenser, ordering a simple cup of coffee and toast. He has an appointment in an hour, and it'd be rather impolite to Ensign Rennan to do this half-assed. He moves away from the dispenser as he goes over the incoming transfers for the day and recent arrivals.

Despite the distinct lack of people in the Mess Hall, there is one distinct form settled at a table in the corner. An empty plate nearly wiped clean indicates she's already eaten, though it's questionable if the half-filled cup of coffee in front of her is her first or her fifth. Lt. Commander Renna Blackford is too focused to even have noticed the coffee she's been nursing has long since gone cold. Her eyes remain on the data slate in front of her with a very serious expression as she mumbles to herself.

"... sample size is too small. That won't do..."

The voice catches the doctor's attention, making him glance over at Renna with a curious look in his eyes. He's already memorized the entire crew from their medical records, and Renna's medical records have indicated she's had severe exhaustion from over work. Might be time for him to intervene lest she wind up in his domain on this vessel. "Lieutenant Commander Blackford, correct?" He's already setting his things down on the table near her, giving her a quick look over to ensure she hasn't had the possible five cups of coffee.

"If I could just get--"

Renna cuts herself off when she notes she is both not alone and currently being addressed. "Ah, yes, that's me," she says, taking a moment to peer into the cup of coffee and give it an unpleasant look. While her hands aren't shaking, she's certainly taking advantage of its usage to make up for lack of sleep. She sets the data slate down to give the doctor her full attention. "And you are Lieutenant Commander Rebane, are you not?" She pauses, waiting for an affirmative to his identity.

"That's Doctor Rebane. One of the perks of being the ships Chief Medical Officer means I get to select how people address me. Of course, by my preferred title, that means I'm on duty twenty four seven." A slight grin crosses his face before fading as he reaches forward for Renna's arm. Already he's continuing to study her, trying to take notice of any abnormalities such as rings under the eyes, or any true tell-tale sign of exhaustion and sleep deprivation. "So how many cups of coffee have you had?" He could launch into a speech about how over-consumption of some things can have devastating results on one's body, but as a scientist, Renna should already know that.

"Of course, Doctor Rebane. I figured that you'd prefer that title but I like to err on the side of caution when it comes to the chain of command," Renna says with a slight laugh. The touch on her wrist and his sudden medical assessment only seems to startle her for a brief moment before she realizes his concerns. Perhaps the lack of sleep had made her a little worse for wear. She relaxes, leaving her wrist in his care for the moment. "Two-and-a-half," she states simply. "But I'm suffering no adverse effects currently and I've scheduled a rest period for later on while my data is compiling." There's a long pause before she speaks again.

"May I say that it's genuinely a pleasure to meet you? I can't imagine the kind of wealth of information and knowledge you had access to at the Vulcan Science Academy. It's an incredible opportunity and I have no doubt you gained plenty of experience from your time there."

"Flattery won't work with me Lieutenant Commander." Alexander lets his eyes meet Renna's for a moment, as once more a quick grin crosses his face. "However it is appreciated. I don't need as much sleep anymore, and over the years of continuing to practice their way of life, I've come to see the black, white, and grey of things. Makes my job a good deal easier in some aspects." Alexander goes quiet for a few moments as he silently counts the heartbeats, getting a quick read on her blood pressure. "Your blood pressure is slightly elevated. Are you sure it was only two and a half?" He lets go of her wrist, and gives her a last cursory look over. He reaches down and takes a small sip from his coffee, making a couple of notations on his own data slate.

"I understand the desire to throw your all into your work. However, I would like to state as the Chief Medical Officer of this ship that in the long run, it can hamper your duties. I'd hate for you to succumb to severe exhaustion and have to be put on mandatory leave of absence. Especially since this ship needs every member of her crew in peek performance at all times."

"That wasn't flattery, Doctor," Renna says with a return grin. "I sincerely consider that to have been an outstanding opportunity for you and that kind of education I don't take lightly. Perhaps you're too used to people who merely want to make a good impression on you." Her eyes focus on Alexander as he works. "Perhaps it was three and a half, then. My data was a bit distracting. However, I don't let such things get in the way of my work. I can assure you that no leave of absence will ever be needed. I am aware of my own physical limits and I trust myself not to push them unless under dire circumstances."

"You can assure me all you want, however I wouldn't be doing my job as the ships doctor if I didn't at least warn you for now. You're not going to be the only one I'll have this discussion with. I'm fairly certain I'll have to have it a good number of times for the next five years." Alexander makes a couple more notations on his data slate then reaches for his toast. "However, right now, you're off duty. So I would recommend that you try and relax some. Your research isn't going to sprout legs and run off, and if it did? Well, then I'd have to say it would be a successful experiment and worth investigating further."

"You yourself mentioned you were always on duty," Renna points out. "Off duty is only a technicality sometimes. Besides, don't you ever find something new exciting? Sometimes my research will unexpectedly have new results and I'm far too eager to simply wait. It's never on duty or off duty, it's simply life."

Alexander arches an eyebrow at Renna's reply, not quite expecting any sort of retort to medical advice. "Oh, I do, however as the Chief Medical Officer, my duty is the crew, and as we have someone awake at any time of the day, then I have a duty to them to be there if I am needed. If I am not needed, then I will take that time to relax until I'm called for again. Which really won't be that long. You however, Lieutenant Commander, don't have that sort of duty to the crew. Not yet at least. Once we're finished with this shakedown, I suppose you'll be on call almost as much as the Captain, Chief Engineer or myself will be. So many unknowns in the universe. So until then, you can't quite point out I'm calling your kettle black just yet."

Renna's cheeks color slightly as she listens to the response. She looks down, somewhat embarrassed. "I had not meant to imply that..." No more words manage to come out of her mouth as she struggles to find a way to express herself. "Many apologies," she mutters instead, fumbling awkwardly with her data slate.

The doctor drains his cup of coffee, only to set the cup down on the table a bit more firm then needed. It's obvious now he's trying to test some of Renna's limits now. "What do you have to apologize for? You spoke your mind, and there aren't any rules against that, especially when we are the same rank. Don't ever worry about speaking your mind to me. I welcome the challenge. It makes things more interesting." He folds his hands under his chin, leaning against the table now. "I'm a lot harder to offend then most people realize. Think of it as an experiment."

The data slate is abandoned on the table and the woman folds her hands neatly in her lap. Mostly so she's got somewhere to put them. "I was apologizing because of there being misunderstanding. I genuinely didn't mean to imply that I was better or more important than anyone on this ship in any fashion." She presses her lips together in a firm line. "I don't think I'm qualified for this sort of experiment, Doctor Rebane."

"Fascinating." The doctor moves to pick up his toast to finish it off, allowing an uncomfortable silence to build. He knows that he's being a bit antagonistic towards the poor woman, and he should most apologize for it. "Miss Blackford, I think you are more than capable. You /are/ better then people on ship. You're the Chief Science Officer. You're one of smartest minds on the ship. I believe you should take some pride in it." Alexander rises to his feet, gathering his things, as well as the plate of Renna's. "I apologize if I antagonized you a bit. However, I can guarantee that your well being is my top priority. Especially at times like these."

Renna smiles faintly. "I've never found pride to be an exceptionally useful quality, Doctor Rebane. It tends to lead to awkward situations and aggressive personalities flaring up. My work will speak for itself when necessary. If it doesn't speak on its own, I haven't done my job well enough." She watches her plate as he gathers it up with his, nodding a thanks as her hands return to the data slate. "It's good to know that we have someone as capable as you looking out for us, Doctor. It is genuinely appreciated."

"Just don't let everyone else know that." The Doctor grins slightly as he moves to place the dishes in the receptacle. "Try and get some rest Miss Blackford, it'll do you some wonders."


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