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We shall do SCIENCE to it!

Posted on Thu Aug 1st, 2013 @ 11:50pm by Lieutenant Commander Renna Blackford & Captain Jonathon Munster

Mission: Shakedown Cruise
Location: Deck 2, Captain's Office
Timeline: March 24th, midday
Tags: march24, captain's office

Jonathon puts his coffee cup down in disgust, "Ugh...cold." He sighs and scrolls down on the monitor he is studying. He was waiting for his new Chief of Science to arrive at his office. Her file was one of Jon's favorites, not only did her background have much in common with his own but she was noted for social awkwardness by her various supervisors. However, attached to her file was a Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry, a Purple Heart, and a Starfleet Silver Palm. Not many situations causes Command to want to award someone two separate medals for bravery. She was his first choice and he was glad she accepted.

He leaned back in his chair and waited for the buzz of his door to announce her visit.

The buzz came rather promptly after the appointed time. Renna hovered in the hallway, waiting for some kind of response as she nervously glanced down the corridor. It wasn't that she was nervous, it was more that she was distinctly uncomfortable. Meeting with anyone vaguely important tended to keep her from operating at her full mental capacity. She pauses, unsure if she should call some kind of greeting as well but instead decides to peer about to make sure she doesn't have anyone staring at her.

"Come in." Jonathon stands from his chair as he welcomes the latest senior officer on his staff, "Welcome aboard the Vesuvius. I hope the trip out to this area of space was quiet."

As Renna enters and approaches, she straightens her posture a bit stiffly and nods. "Yes, I'm fairly certain it was quiet, sir," she states. "There weren't any explosions." It's a little difficult to tell if it's supposed to be a joke, serious, or some mix in between.

The Captain blinks for a moment and then smirks, "Well that's a way of breaking the ice." He motions for her to take a seat as he returns to his own, "I was pleased that you accepted the position of Chief Science Officer. I knew you could have the spine when you needed to from your file, but I think reading all your papers is what cinched the deal in my mind. The question is if you can maintain that steel when confronted by another officer instead of something life threatening."

Taking a seat across from the Captain, Renna looks slightly confused. "Why would there be any confrontation? I've never had problems working well with others and if someone sees a flaw in my logic or has a differing opinion, I'm always very eager to learn and look at things from a new perspective."

He nods and gives a rueful smile, "There's a difference unfortunately from between working well with others and commanding others. There'll be times when you have to move someone off a project. I don't know a scientist that appreciates that." He studies her for a half-moment, trying to get a feel for her in person, "I don't doubt you in the slightest, I just remember my first year as a Chief Science Officer." He offers another rueful smirk as he leans back in his chair, wresting his ankle on his knee, "It's surprising the amount of difference between being a researcher or manning a scanner on board a ship and leading a group of people at least as smart as you are."

Renna smiles slightly. "Well, you're the one that believes in me enough to offer me the position, so I assume that you think I'm capable enough. I do have a great deal of tact when it comes to anything in the work environment, so I do feel fairly confident that I'll be able to handle things appropriately." She pauses. "Though I will agree that it will be a very different experience than I'm used to. Nothing I shouldn't be able to handle, especially if the crew has the talent."

He nods, "I did have one question. Everyone has their pet project. Mine was the warp power generation theory that's powering this ship's engines. Much of this ship I helped design with Commander Hax's help. What's your first pet project you have in mind? This ship has some of the latest laboratories in Starfleet, particularly advanced in warp physics, that certainly has to excite the scientist in you."

The scientist's eyes light up with genuine excitement. "Yes, I'd done a little research on the ship but it's an honor to be able to serve aboard it. I really wouldn't mind getting a more thorough grasp of warp physics since it's something the ship has in particular." Renna pauses for a brief moment before continuing. "Continued research on the effects of warp speed in interplanetary systems would be beneficial, but I'd also love the opportunity to move on to geological surveys to compare to samples found in the Sol system." She pauses again.

"Well, I mean, that's just a start."

Jon laughs lightly, "I think I picked well, you seem to be well rounded in your interests. You'll probably see me down in some of the science labs. I have problems staying away from some of the research paths. I promise I won't interfere with any of the ongoing experiments. I'd also like to see the results that come through on the various lines of research, and I should be available to talk shop should you need to." He glances at the time and then back to the Lieutenant Commander, "Commander, I'd like to invite you to a dinner tonight at 2030. The senior staff that's currently onboard is invited. The captain's mess is on this deck, but you should be able to find a yeoman or some poor lad from security put on guide duty to show you where it's at."

Renna nods in response. "It's good to see a leader who takes personal interest in such things. I'd be more than happy to have your input and suggestions for any project, sir." She nods once more. "Dinner with the staff. Alright. I'm sure I could always pull up the schematics and find it myself if necessary." She rubs the back of her neck a little awkwardly. "What is the nature of this meal? Is it something more formal or casual?"

Jon chuckles, "Relax, Commander, it's just a friendly sit down meal. I don't stand except on the smallest formalities at the Captain's Mess. It's a small one tonight anyway. The only senior staff on board at the moment is Doctor Rebane, Commander Hax, and us. I have a hunch the Doctor won't make it." He leans forward to sit properly in his chair, "If you can make it excellent but I won't force you. In the meantime, please look around the ship and feel free to speak with any of the science staff that's on board and to spend time in the labs. The bridge is open if you wish to familiarize yourself with your bridge post. There may be a few workers putting final touches, but no one will bother you."

"That's unfortunate, I was looking forward to meeting the Doctor. I've heard he's studied at the Vulcan Science Academy," Renna notes as she rises from her chair. "I'll take that opportunity, then. I'd rather take a look at the bridge before it's... cluttered with people." She clears her throat and straightens herself up. "It was a pleasure to meet you, sir. I'll see what I can do about attending that dinner."

She waits for a dismissal before she moves out of the office, trying not to look like she's hurrying off to check out new equipment too quickly.


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